1 year PD Anniversary

October 17, 2016 | By Terry | Filed in: Default.

Greetings! I haven’t given an update in awhile, so I figured the 1 year anniversary of starting Peritoneal Dialysis is as good excuse as any to write up a post here.

Wow – one year. That’s a long time when you do the math on all the treatments I’ve done in the past year.  As you know, or maybe are just learning right now, I have a kidney disease which requires me to do dialysis. The method I use is described HERE. It’s a painless process that I do 4 times per day, every day.  Each session takes about 30 minutes.

I know, I know,  you were told there would be no math today… So I’ll do it for you!  365 days x 4 treatments per day = 1,460 treatments I’ve done myself in the past year.  Each treatment takes about 30 minutes…  so that equals 43,800 minutes… or 730 hours… or a little over 30 solid days (or 1 month) of my past 12 months have been spent hooked up to treatment bags.

What all do I do to kill time? Well thanks to the internet age, I can surf the web. But that gets old really fast, so I decided to be somewhat productive while doing treatments.  I spent many months taking Spanish lessons on my iPad (Rosetta Stone). I got about 3/4 of the way through the program and got a little burned out – so I’ve put that on hold the last few months – but it’s very enjoyable, I will go back to it. I can’t physically speak Spanish at all but I can read and understand some of it. I got the point where I could check out youth books from the library written in Spanish and I could actually read them (slowly) and understand them enough to get by.

In recent months I’ve moved back to my native language and have read many books, topics ranging from Wall Street to drama fiction.  Some books I’ve read in recent months are several by Michael Lewis (some in depth topics on the inner workings of Wall Street – a topic I didn’t think I’d ever be interested in), and then very recently I’ve branched to a couple popular fiction works that are movies now… Gone Girl and The Girl On The Train.  Both are excellent – I recommend them both, and will be seeing the movies soon.

I do have some hopeful news on the kidney donor front – but there’s really nothing to announce yet, but here’s to continued progress on that. I’m keeping those details in check for sake of privacy for those involved – but I wanted to let you all know there may be some good news in the coming months!

Until then, back to starting year #2….

Terry (Oct, 2016)


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