March 30 update

March 30, 2018 | By Terry | Filed in: Default.

Hello friends and family! I thought I’d drop a few lines today with latest updates. My last post outlined my return to the hospital, and the start of my 10 day inpatient/outpatient Thymo treatments. This is an immunosuppressant induction drug that helps stop the kidney rejection I was starting to experience a few weeks ago.

After 10 consecutive days of Thymo treatment, I can say that it did work and my Doctor is very happy with results. Today my labs showed the lowest creatinine number I’ve had yet, at 1.63. This is very close to my original goal, so I’m happy with it.

One issue I am having is a low phosphorus level in my body. Today they are giving me a 3 hour IV drip of phosphorus supplement. I’m also already taking pill form supplements. Plus my doctor jokingly told me to eat a lot of cheese, pizza, ice cream, etc … well he actually wasn’t kidding, but I’ll find a way to add phosphorus to my diet without being extremely reckless. But it’s good to know I’m allowed to bend to comfort food once I awhile haha.

It’s looking like all these impromptu treatment plans are winding down, and I’m about to get to my normal bi-weekly lab cycle, using my normal daily medications. I’m interested in seeing how my creatinine level reacts – the doc says it should stay status quo from here on out.

The next few weeks will tell a lot in that regard, so stay tuned I’ll give another update then. Hopefully I can return to work once things are set in a groove in a few weeks. I’m still moving around a little gingerly but I’m feeling better every day.

Terry (3/30/18)

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