My First Dialysis Session


Well today finally arrived, I’m at the center and all hooked up. That machine you see to my left is the dialyzer – it has a filter that does all the magic before the blood is pushed back into my body. The needle sticks weren’t painful at all, the tech found my fistula pretty easily. He said it needs to grow a little more but that’ll happen over time. But it’s connected and working and pushing blood over to the dialyzer.

I’m sitting here typing this about an hour into treatment. I don’t feel any different yet – but then again I felt pretty good when I got here today. It’s later in the day that I usually start getting super fatigued and feeling bad and going to bed at 7pm – so we’ll see how I feel later. The awesome nurse here told me I should start feeling better pretty quickly so I hope she’s correct!

I’m only doing a 2 hour session today. Then 2.5 hours on Wednesday, then 3 hours on Friday.  They want to baby step me in – my body wouldn’t be able to handle full sessions right away apparently. Next week I’ll be on the normal 4 hour shifts. (From 4:15 a 8:15pm).  My doctor wanted me in earlier today in case they had problems accessing my fistula – he could do some work to make it easier. But it seems to have worked out great – so no extra work is needed on my arm.

As far as amenities, they do have wifi access, as well as a small flat panel cable TV connected to my bed. I’m allowed to read, do crossword puzzles, listen to music, watch tv, work on laptop or iPad, basically do whatever I want to pass time. I’m allowed to eat small snacks and drink a little water during treatments as well, but no big meals.

They discourage visitors – although it is allowed. I wouldn’t ask that from anybody though – this isn’t a very fun place to hang out at haha. It’s mostly older people with major health problems in here – I’m by far the youngest and healthiest looking person in here today.  My doctor told me my normal 4-8pm shift will be less busy and have fewer people in here –  it looks pretty full right now.

Well I’ll update this later tonight to let you all know how I feel – but I’m not expecting much change for a week or so but who knows, we’ll see 🙂

5 thoughts on “My First Dialysis Session

  1. Lisa Wyatt

    Hi Terry,

    We are all rooting for you buddy! You need anything at all please do not hesitate calling any of us in IT. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

    See you soon,

    Your IS friends

  2. Darla Wilson

    Hey Terry, I am so sorry to hear about your kidney issues, but I know you are strong and will fight through this. We will be thinking and praying for you.

  3. Karen Meadows

    Remember me? Still plugging away at CICOA, although Darla has moved on to the State. Greg is our network consultant and is here every Wednesday–he’s awesome, just love him to death.

    I’m sorry to hear you haven’t been well and that you have to deal with dialysis–that looks like a pretty big pipe your blood is running through. I was diagnosed with Bright’s Disease when I was two-years-old and I remember the hospital stays and the dye in my veins for x-rays. . .blah. Definitely no fun.

    At the same time, I think you’re looking great. I also know that you’ve got the gumption to take on almost anything. I hope that kidney comes along soon, no matter the source.

    You hang in there and know that I’m around, trolling and hoping for you. You’re a terrific guy and I miss hearing about your adventures. 🙂

  4. Terry Post author

    Lisa, Darla, and Karen – Thanks for the nice comments! I just now saw them – they were in a WordPress spam queue. I’ve relaxed the spam settings on here so comments should show up right away now. I’m feeling great this week so I’m happy I started treatments!

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