New York, NY (Part 2)

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Hello! I’m back to recap more of the NY trip!  If you missed it, you can read about the first couple of days here: New York, NY (Part 1).

(note: apologies if pictures appear sideways or upside on mobile devices – not sure what’s happening – they look fine on normal computer).

Friday, March 4

We all got up around 9am, the girls went downstairs to load up on free continental breakfast. I have to say that bagel and banana was the best thing I’d ever had (it seemed) I was so hungry!  During dialyisis I was surfing Groupon for a tour package, I found one of those elevated busses without a roof. We walked around Times Square area trying to find this place – in the process walked by Radio City Music Hall, and NBC Studios, where we snapped a few pics:


NBC Studios – Jimmy Fallon!


Radio City Music Hall

We then walked several more blocks and finally found our tour company office.  There we got our passes for the tour bus, a ferry ride to see the Statue of Liberty, and discount tickets to the top of the Empire State Building.  We walked a few blocks to our bus stop, and after a bit we were finally aboard!


Cheesing it up atop a giant tour bus


atop the bus, look at all the cabs

For the next hour or so, we made around way from Times Square to the very tip of lower Manhattan. We had earbuds we could plug into the seats of the bus, the driver was talking about the different neighborhoods we’d pass on the way down. It was very mesmerizing to see the streets of New York from the top of a giant bus, you really get a great view of all the action down on the street, and unobstructed views of the very tall buildings and architecture around you. I could have rode this bus all day – it was very entertaining and educational. I learned a lot about the history of these New York neighborhoods on this ride, I highly recommend this when you visit.

We knew our ferry ride to see the Statue of Liberty left at 3:00, and our bus stopped at the pier. However we were a few minutes late, our bus got there at about 3:10 and the ferry had already left. We decided to get off the bus anyway to check out the area.  What a fun couple of places we found! We found a pretty nice bar/restaurant by the pier. We went in, had some drinks and relaxed for about an hour. We knew the next ferry was at 5:00 so we had a little time to kill. After a few drinks and shots we were getting hungry – so we decided to try the little taco shop next door. This was the neatest place – ridiculous good tacos and an old Windstream trailer to eat in, haha.  We didn’t have time to eat there – it was 4:45 at this point, and we had a boat to catch!   So we had “walking tacos” on the way to the ferry.


the best tacos ever in the financial district of lower manhattan!


shots shots shots!

We got to the pier just in time. There was a snack shop so we bought a couple of giant beers and boarded the boat.  It was cold and windy out but we didn’t care, we went upstairs to the open air to get the great views.  Off we went! Out on the water, Brooklyn was on one side of the boat, and Manhattan on the other. The sun had just come out so it made for some beautiful views!


Brooklyn skyline in New York Harbor


Lower Manhattan as we are pulling away

As we were nearing the Statue of Liberty, I was pretty much in awe of my surroundings. Here we were in New York Harbor, approaching the Statue of Liberty, just like the immigrants back in the early 1900’s. The wind was piercing cold but again, I really couldn’t feel it. Too much adrenaline and New York high! Here are a few pics we snapped of Manhattan and the statue as we floated by:


Jenn and I enjoying the view of Manhattan


Lady Liberty!


group selfie! Some statue was photobombing us 🙂


beautiful Manhattan view

The ferry dropped us off on the east side of Manhattan, we grabbed an Uber and sprinted over to Greenwich Village – to a pizza joint called Arturo’s. It was recommended by my New York friend Riz – plus it was convenient for my old high school pal Devin to meet us for dinner. He lives across the river in New Jersey, but it’s a short subway ride for him into the city. It was great to see Devin, I hadn’t seen him in a few years.  We had some outstanding wine and pizza, shared some stories and laughs for a few hours, then Devin led us through Greenwich Village to the nearest subway stop.  Here are a few snaps at Arturo’s, and walking through Washington Square at night on the way to subway:


We trekked back to Times Square in the subway, I had to do a dialysis treatment. After that we had big plans yet for the evening – the Empire State Building at night! We actually walked to the Empire State Building from our hotel.  It was about 7 or 8 blocks… not a bad little hike, and it wasn’t that cold out.

We got to the building, and there was no line at all. We got right in, rode the very fast elevator to the top, with zero wait. Once up there you had the option of staying in a glass enclosed area (where you had great views and warmth!) or you could walk outside to the perimeter, where the only thing separating you and falling 86 stories to the ground is a metal cage-like fencing.  The openings were wide enough you could see through unobsructed for pictures… what views we had up there!

DSC05632 IMG_6989 DSC05629 DSC05631

After this adventure, we walked the 7 or 8 blocks back to Times Square area – decided to pop into a bar near our restaurant for a nightcap.  By this time it was after midnight, and we had just had one epic day.  I couldn’t even finish my glass of wine – we were all pretty much exhausted, knew we had one last epic day left – so we finally crashed about 1am or so.

The most amazing day of the trip was our last day – I’ll cover that in my next post, Part 3.  Look for that in a few days or sometime this next week!

Terry (March 12, 2016)

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