New York, NY (Part 3)

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Sunday, March 6

Wow, it’s been a few weeks and realized I didn’t recap part 3 of my New York Trip. The last day of the trip was epic fun, probably my favorite of the trip.  We started off by sleep in till about 10:00, didn’t really have a plan for the day except to visit Central Park.

But first we were hungry, and we hadn’t been to Chinatown yet! I had heard from a few people that we HAD to get handmade noodles in Chinatown.  So we got ready and hit the subway. After about 10 minutes we found our stop, and proceeded to get off the subway on an entirely new planet.

It started as soon as we walked off the train car – the subway tunnels under Chinatown were jam packed with 99 percent people of Chinese descent. It’s like we took a supersonic train to the other side of the world (in about 10 minutes) hah.  We meandered our way through the tunnel, here we are towering over everyone.  (Hey we’re big in Chinatown, hah). We went up the stairs and emerged into a beautiful sunny day.

DSC05638 DSC05637 DSC05636 DSC05635

We walked around trying to get our bearings straight, checking out the area. We were definitely hungry at this point (it was around 1:00 and we hadn’t eaten yet) – I had no idea where to find these famous handmade noodles, but they had to be around here somewhere…. probably everywhere.  Well I decided to bust out everyone’s favorite personal assistant (Google) and decided on a highly rated one called “Lam Zhou Handmade Noodle & Dumpling”.  It was about 1/2 mile away, and we were up for a little walk through Chinatown so off we went, and saw some cool streets and sights along the way.

DSC05640 DSC05641 DSC05642

We finally found the block we needed, and the tiny restaurant that got some rave reviews on Google. You could miss this place with a blink of an eye it’s so small.  There was a sign for the business on the sidwalk outside.with a glass door you could see inside. We opened the door and saw it was packed – nowhere to sit with only a few shareable tables inside.  We walked in, we appeared to be the only ones waiting so we didn’t think it would be long.

DSC05643 DSC05644 IMG_7002 12804614_10207645386625380_3790719387170887485_n

We waited about 5 mins and were able to sit down at a table with a couple of young guys from Austria.  They were just finishing their meal but they were really nice.  After they left, some other guys took their spots. They were Chinese-Americans who were visiting from Virginia. They said they go to this place every time they are in New York, so we must have picked a good spot!  We all decided on what most people around us had, a beef noodle soup that looked divine. We also got a couple orders of the beef dumplings – one boiled, one fried.  I honestly can’t describe the heavenly tastes we were about to have.

IMG_6998 DSC05646

The soup was delicious, and the noodles were to die for.  The dumplings were like nothing I’d ever had.  The fried ones were more crispy of course – they had a good outer crunch and tender beef inside.  The boiled ones had the same amazing taste – but no crunch. We opted to dip those into our soup – oh man what a combination that was.   We had some amazing food in New York – from pizza to street dogs to this – but I have to say this was my favorite meal of the week.  So cool to experience the culture and inner city flavors!

After eating we decided to walk the Brooklyn Bridge. It was only about 1/2 mile or so away, so why not?  But to get there had more exploring to do in Chinatown on the way. This was the most amazing 30 minute walk I’d had in years – the sights, sounds, and smells of Chinatown are like nothing I’d ever seen before.  We saw street performers, farmers markets, people… People, everywhere.  All business written in Chinese lettering, we were truly in another country it seemed.

DSC05651 DSC05652 DSC05653 DSC05654DSC05655 DSC05657

We took our time walking to get to the Brooklyn Bridge – we finally made it and started our trek across the bridge. There’s a pedestrian walkway in the middle of the bridge, raised above the traffic. It’s a pretty wide walkway, and it’s just full of tourists and locals.  We took several pictures along the way, it’s such a beautiful old historic bridge.

DSC05659 DSC05663 DSC05664 DSC05667 DSC05670 DSC05674 DSC05676IMG_7015 IMG_7014

As you can see above, there are some breathtaking views of the city. We also found a lot of items left by tourists – lots of padlocks and such.  We even found Hulk Hogan posing along the way 🙂

We finally got across the bridge and decided to just find a subway  and make our way back north to Central Park.  After all, that was our original plan for the day and we hadn’t been there yet.  The nearest subway station near the Brooklyn Bridge was closed, so we had to walk another 1/2 mile or so into Brooklyn to get to the next station.  That turned out to be a blessing because we saw some cool things on the edge of Brooklyn.  We walked through this amazing park, and saw some really cool graffiti / mural art.  I also saw a pretty cool view of an image I’d seen my photographer friend Will Byington take before. I recognized the shot immediately and had to take it again.  It’s the shot below with the brick buildings on each side and a bridge column in the background… pretty cool shot!

DSC05682 DSC05683 DSC05685 DSC05686 DSC05687 DSC05691 DSC05692 IMG_7027

We finally found the subway with some girls from Chicago that we were walking with. They were really nice and went our separate ways.  After about a 20 minute subway ride we were at 59th Street, where Central Park begins.  We got off the train and walked into the park.  Oh man, I’d seen Central Park in movies and TV before but you just can’t quite imagine it until you are there.  Here it was late winter, with no greenery or garden life anywhere, but it was still oh so gorgeous. We were just on the very south tip of the park but even that part looked enormous. Vast paths and trails and hills and rock formations everywhere. It was truly “park” in every sense of the word.  Off in the distance in each direction however were these giant walls of buildings. Looking at this park on a map you can see it’s a giant perfect rectangle.  When you are in it, those rectangle walls are skyscraper buildings. It’s truly an incredible sight.  We walked around for about an hour or so… and never really left the very southern tip of the park.  The park is so huge and we only saw a tiny part of it as it was getting dark in a bit… but we did get some good snapshots.  I bought some honey roasted peanuts from a vendor and enjoyed our walk in the park.

DSC05701 DSC05703 DSC05704 DSC05709 IMG_7030 IMG_7036 IMG_7037 IMG_7038 IMG_7040 IMG_7041

Well this has been a fun day right? Has it worn you out just reading it? haha… Well guess what – we still had to walk back to our hotel at Times Square (about 13 blocks)… plus we had planned on hitting an NYC nightclub that night.  We exit Central Park at 7th Avenue, and walked towards Times Square. Along the way we saw a couple of cafe/bakeries we’d heard about. We were ready for a snack so we got some giant New York Cheesecake. Check this bad boy out… this basically ended up being my dinner hah:


Back at the hotel, I do a dialysis session and have a much needed shower.  Jen and I head upstairs to our rooftop bar while Shelley gets ready.  While we were up there we met a really cool couple from Dallas TX.  They both are TV news reporters so they had some fun stories. We were comparing our touristy things we’d done, and it was funny that these two did almost the exact same stuff we did… we even hit the same pizza joint a few days prior.


After Shelley was ready we hailed our very first NYC Cab  (never too late, right? it was our last night!) and we were off to a club in the warehouse / meat packing district.  Jenn wanted to go to a dance club before we left so this was our last chance. That’s not really my cup of tea but hey I’m up to try anything, especially in New York.. so off we went!  We were there a few hours, had a good time but decided to call it a night before midnight.  I think the day and week had finally caught up to us, so we cabbed back to Times Square.  Here are a few pics from the club:

IMG_7070IMG_7082 IMG_7079 IMG_7071 IMG_7051 IMG_7050

After back in Times Square, we were hungry again so we got hot dogs and sausages from a street vendor – really piled on the toppings and had our first New York street dog. It was heavenly at midnight on our last night!  We snapped a last pic at Times Square, popped into a little pub for our last drink of the weekend, and that was that.


The next morning I had a car waiting on me to take me to Laguardia… the girls still had another day left in the city but I had to depart. This is totally a posed picture in my car to the airport but it sums up my thoughts and heart that oh so loved New York City so very much!  Thanks for reading.


Terry  (3/27/2018)

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