Transplate Date set: Friday, March 2

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If you’d have told me on New Year’s Day that I’d be having my transplant on March 2nd, I’d laughed and called you crazy.  January 5th was just a few days away, we were finally going to do this! On January 3rd I started feeling a little twinge in my throat… that night I was • Read More »

It’s almost go time

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Hello friends and family, it’s been about a month since my last official update, so I figure now is a good time for a final note before surgery, which is almost here. That’s right, it all goes down this coming Friday, January 5. Can you believe it? Dennis and I are to show up very • Read More »

Transplant Surgery in January

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Well kids, I was finally 100% approved for kidney transplant surgery today!  I met my surgeon in person again, he was very happy with my weight loss progress, and said we are good to go. My coordinator is going to meet with Dennis’s coordinator, and present us with a couple of date options for surgery.  • Read More »

Halloween update

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Hiya gang.  Remember my last blog post where I said I got my surgeon’s approval for moving forward with transplant? How all he wanted me to do now was to get off of Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) so I’d stop gaining weight, move to Hemodialysis for a month and lose a few pounds, and we’d schedule surgery • Read More »

Transplant News

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Hey there! A lot of you saw my Facebook post last week and know the good news, but I thought I’d make an official blog entry to put in more details.  We’re getting close to transplant time! There’s no actual date yet, but there will be shortly. Getting to where we are now has been • Read More »

You Can’t Just Brush Time By Faster….

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Here’s a back story. About 5 or 6 years ago my dental hygienist recommended this electronic toothbrush. She said it has a fancy timer, fancy brush heads, and gives you a cleaner brush than you’ve ever had in your life. You use it for two minutes, and it vibrates every thirty seconds to let you • Read More »

Rounding 3rd and heading for home…

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Good news! Dennis has completed and passed all his medical testing. They’ve approved him for the final steps, which are a handful of final interviews with counselors and surgeons, then sending our info to the transplant board at IU Health who makes final decision. We see no reason why they’d say no. His interviews will • Read More »

2 Years on Dialysis

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Hello my peeps! I was sitting around this morning and opened up my blog site, and realized I haven’t made an entry in over 5 months. Time to fix that! Last week was my 2 year anniversary on dialysis. 24 months. 2 months of hemodialysis, and 22 of those have been on peritoneal dialysis.  Wow. • Read More »

Adventures in Cooking

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First let’s get something straight – I don’t claim to be a good cook, I just like to experiment with things. I don’t follow recipes, or write them . Most everything I cook is different every time. I don’t measure anything, I just eyeball and toss it together. If something sounds good at the time, • Read More »

Meet the Guy Who’s Saving My Life

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So, the date is January 25, 2016.  I’m sitting at an outdoor bar in Miami, FL with a bunch of friends. I can see palm trees, blue skies, and sailboats in front of me.  I’ve already been on dialysis for 5 months, so I was feeling pretty good and relaxed.  My days of feeling fatigued • Read More »