Pocket full of change….

So I was getting ready for work this morning, and noticed my “change jar” I keep on my dresser. I saw that it’s been collecting dust – it then occurred to me that I haven’t put any change (like none at all) into the “change jar” in several months. This seemed kind of odd to me as in my former life, part of my every day routine was to “empty my change” out of my pockets each night. I ALWAYS had change in my pocket from the day, pretty much every day. I’d always even dig into the change jar each morning to make sure I “had change on me” for the day.

Now back then it wasn’t a big deal, you buy things here and there, you accumulate change, you throw it in the jar at the end of the day and you don’t even think about it. This morning I was thinking about my lack of “pocket full of change” in recent months. It then occurred to me there’s a reason I don’t have a “pocket full of change” at the end of each day anymore – it’s because I don’t buy crap food and snacks anymore! Thinking back now, I’m like “where did I always get change from?” – well, it was always fast food joints, convenience stores, bagel shops, or any other place I’d pick up random crap meals/snacks on the go.

So that is an interesting byproduct of living healthy – I no longer have a “pocket full of change”.


Ps…. Oh, and since we’re on the subject – here’s an outstanding video of Will Hoge on last year’s Rock Boat, of course singing his awesome song “Pocket Full of Change” :)

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  1. Jamie #

    Nice little tale, i was thinking the same thing, only I’m not collecting pocket change these days due to paying for everything with my debit card.

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