Rebranding, of sorts –

Hello everyone, I wanted to drop a line or two to talk about a few changes I’ve decided on.  For the past 3 months I’ve been very successful at this way of eating that people are calling “Paleo”.  In order to keep my attention and motivation to it, I decided to create a blog and write about it.  This has turned into a pretty cool way of sharing my experiences and a few recipes here and there, as well as keeping my daily focus on this lifestyle.

3 months ago I bought a domain name ( – kind of a play on Queen’s old hit “Radio Ga Ga” because it sort of rhymes ) … anyway, that served it’s purpose for me, it got me into the lifestyle that I’m very happy and comfortable with now, and kept me consistent with it.

Moving forward, I’ve decided to move all of this stuff to my own domain that I already owned (  I’m still going to keep writing about my health improvements / eating lifestyle from time to time, but I’m also going to expand on other subjects I’m interested in.  Be it work, friends, music, exercise, any other facet of life I’m into at the moment. With this new branding, my website/blog isn’t pigeonholed into one topic, I’m free to expand into whatever I want to talk about.    I’m going to be changing the site menu structure up a bit too, probably this weekend sometime.

I’ve also deleted the Paleo Facebook page I created – it was kind of a pain to update all these places (2 Facebook pages, Instagram, blog, etc).  From here on out I’m just going to post to my blog site (, which in turn will auto-post to my normal Facebook page. So if you were a “fan” of that Paleo page, thank you so much for following – but that page won’t be updated anymore. Just keep me as a normal Facebook friend and you’ll still get the updates.

I’ll also still snap Instagram shots here and there (which also gets pushed to Facebook automatically) – so this makes my life much easier.   If I snap an instagram shot of something for a quick “hey look at this!”, don’t be surprised that if I REALLY like it, you’ll see a blog post about it to at some point. (but I definitely won’t blog about every photo you see on Instagram) – however if you do have any questions about anything, please ask!

Anyway, the old URL still works ( – however from here on out all new links I post will be posted to

Thanks for reading, and hopefully my exploits aren’t tooooo boring. If so, there’s always the “hide” button 😉 But why the heck would you do a silly thing like THAT?


ps – if you were already a “user” of my blog, you may have to re-join. I had to create an entirely new WordPress site with the new domain. I was able to import all my old content, however I think I lost all previous site stats, users, etc… bummer. If you never were a “user”, no big deal – you don’t need to be, as you’ll see updates on Facebook anyway.


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    Good stuff Terry, you never know whose life you may change by sharing your success ‘ and challenges. I know you have had wins and losses in the weight loss department but it sounds like you have hit a hommer on this one, keep it up pal, were all rooting for the not so chubby kid! Lol

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