Rock Boat XIV


I could go on a very long dialogue about all my amazing experiences with the best friends in the world, post pictures out the wazoo, talk about the new bands I discovered, recount my smiles, high fives, hugs, kisses, and every “wow” moment I had – but I can sum all of that up in one simple thought. It’s about the people, especially the ones who you just exchange a simple “hello” with and move on. The thing is, that “hello” lasts a lot longer than it seems.

A passing “hello” and a smile goes a lot further than one would first think. I saw familiar faces everywhere – we may not be the closest friends in the world, we may not even talk more than a simple “good to see you” each year.. but the impact is so much more than that. After 11 years, I see so many familiar faces at every corner of the ship – every one of you are important to me – you are part of the magic that is the Rock Boat. Just seeing you across the crowd, I feel like I know you whether we speak or not.

So to my closest friends in the world – my Indy crew – we are a good 15 or 20 strong now – I love you all. To my Chicago friends, I embrace you all as a 2nd family. To all of the veterans around the country – the ones I’ve become friends with over the years – I love you all! To the new people I’ve met in the past year or two – welcome to my world, you’re a big part of it! ┬áTo the people who are there every year who I just exchange casual hellos and smiles with – you’re just as important in the grand scheme that is the Rock Boat – See you all next year :)

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    Hey buddy… Great words even though I have never been on deck for TRB. Hope to change that some day. You know, taking your words and applying to everyday, back-at-home life is a pretty cool and compelling thought.

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    Love you too Terry :) See you in however many days January 24th is :)

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