What was I thinking…??

So I just got back from a late lunch. I forgot to bring lunch today, plus it’s Friday, so I figured I’d go out and grab something fast. Normally I can go out for lunch and stick to what I call “Poor Man’s Paleo” (i.e. not 100% but a valiant attempt) – be it a salad bar or bunless sandwich at a decent restaurant.

I’d never even attempted Taco Bell (nothing good comes out of Taco Bell, by the way). Today I was thinking “damn, I haven’t had Taco Bell in over 3 months – I can have 1 cheat meal today”… So I ordered 3 Dorito Tacos (not supreme – just regular). I figure it’s shit ingredients but it shouldn’t hurt me for 1 meal out of a hundred.

Well I ate 3 tacos – and for the first time in over 3 months, I have the “heavy heartbeat” after eating a meal. I can just feel that crap resonating through my body. This is how I used to feel most days back then – it’s hard to describe. I guess until you “clean” your system for a long period of time, you don’t realize how much better you feel without that stuff in your body.

Well, this little affair was an eye opener. Why was I blinded by her devilish grin? Taco Bell, you backstabbing wench, we’re done.

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  1. Michelle #

    Hopefully you’ll be like a goose and it’ll run through your system fast! :)

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